The Old Iowa Waltz - Piano Solos

Well it's time for another of my irregular blog posts. I'm proud to announce an addition to the Purchase page on this web site.

Twenty-one years ago, I released my only album of solo piano performances, “The Old Iowa Waltz - Piano Solos.” It has remained one of the most popular releases of my career. The music on “The Old Iowa Waltz - Piano Solos” was written and recorded originally in 1998 when this album was originally released.

This new album with the same title is not a re-issue, however. Instead this is a brand new recording of the same compositions I picked for inclusion 21 years ago.  It will go live on CDBaby on July 15th.

Why was this album rerecorded and released in 2019? This is a digital only release, but even in mp3 download quality, it is infinitely better than the original CD in every way. The performances are recreated here in stunning stereo mixes that greatly improve the listening experience! The performances have been rendered on a far superior instrument than the original. I feel that this new recording represents what “The Old Iowa Waltz - Piano Solos” was always intended to sound like.


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