A Brand New Website and a New Album

Welcome to the Dave Hearn "once-in-a-while" blog.

The big news today is that my long awaited website is done, finally, and it's just in time for the release of a new album of original songs, Hearts Get Broken!  In the works for two years, Hearts Get Broken is a song cycle on the theme of lost love inspired by the simple and direct ideas expressed in the works of the early Beatles and the Beach Boys.  That shouldn't be taken to mean that the album sounds like those artists (although I definitely can point out some mild similarities), but that the themes of the songs are simple and direct in the way those artists' songs were. I'm very happy with the way the record turned out.  I think it's my best work yet.  It'll be interesting to see what the public thinks!  If you want to comment on this post, I'd be pleased!

In the meanwhile, I hope you'll take a look at the site, and maybe find something you want to take home.  Be sure to check out the audio from each of my albums represented here.

Have a great day, and enjoy!